26 10 2008

Well it’s about time. I was always that hippy type who likes getting organised and acheiving social life in every occasion, so maybe this blog would be about my so called “self development”projects that I’ve made myself.

e.g. make more stories, get some other good on-screen gadgets, widgets or whatever to be more social in the site. Maybe also what I feel on random subjects that I’ll post on the BONUS section on every post. e.g. Chinese DIm Sum or Michael Jackson songs. Maybe even debates on which character is cooler like Lindsay Lohan vs Mario. Or a diary on school life. I’ll try start that subject this post.

I’ll make a good header, more pictures(I finally know what kind), and videos if I have the time. So this means I’ll be busy with homework, Cantonese dictation(which is so freakin easy), social life gainings and a wee bit contributed to renovations on the site. Especially the title. Who here likes the title? I mean seriously, The Jetboy Files?! What was I thinking? Alright so maybe I’ll give you guys a poll on what new title you would want right here:

So today was a friend at school’s 11th Birthday, I mean, he was like, 10 in Grade six till just now? Ah well, I sacrificed 12 HKD to him. It’s not much, you can buy 3 packs of cheap chips with that money.

So maybe I won’t be on your sites for quite a while designing everything, so happy waiting.


I was wondering if anybody over here is disgusted with words like “fat grease” or “duck poo”. Cuz’ it seems like all the Grade ones like saying it in my school. Talk about a decent education. It gives them a positive conclusionary misbehavior in life. Refreshing the mind with… unrefreshing second-hand drinks, if you know what I mean. I acted the same back at their age… under influence of Grde sixers. Now that I’m a Grade six student, I won’t teach them “poop” and”… actually nothing else, I’ll show them the ways of a word that begins with the letter L, LOSER. I mean seriously, the boys are like “haha it’s shit” while the girls are like”talking about the most tipical things a girl would say.  TOO TIPICAL. I’d blast my head of if they would talk more about princesses and Barbie. The barbie theme song is perv. “You can comb my hair, Undress me anywhere, I mean is Barbie prostitute or what? Every nerds'(not me) favourite dream to demolish Grade one girls is replacing their fluffy stuffed ponies to dangerous malificationationpalictinationishpaslicodinmo Trojan horses. You wouldn’t get the joke if you haven’t seen CPMAN’s Stuff 101 section’s blue screen of death. So look there and read the joke again.


Sigh… quizzes

19 10 2008

The reason I’ve been gone is well, look at the title. I still have a Cantonese test soon so wait till Wednesday for updates. I just did a project at my friend’s on the Chinese milk tainted scandal and the Shenzhou 7 things… very fun, my friend, me and some other people that were the projct members had a chance to bake a Germanese brand chocolate muffins. Too bad not Betty Crockers, I LUV BETTY CROCKERS!!!

So now that story I made… I’ve edited the 8 year old dude into 11, it would resemble more of me, which means much more accurate feelings and whatever.

Nothing too much at school besides quizzes, maybe I came up with new rumours that I’m gonna release at school on Monday? ( It’s about boyfriend girlfriend stuff, I think anybody would fall for it.)


I’ve joined the school’s basketball team as extra cirricular?


10 10 2008

That’s Thursday and Friday boys and girls. On Thursday there’s pressure, then on Friday, embarassment.

Alright so on Thursday I rushed to finish my punishment, copying down a Cantonese chapter two times. But I can’t because apparently the E teacher told me that I have to participate in our school’s Musical Gala choir. So I didn’t have enough time. Homework piling up, me tumbling down an imaginary hill named “The Calmness Hill”. Then while singing(which I suck at, and was expected to sing in French) I’ve noticed that I forgot to bring me and my classmates’ Cantonese dictation, as I’m un-offical monitor  for that lesson. So when the class was dismissed, I sneakingly squeezed passed the “class queue” and went to the Cantonese classroom. Locked. So I went to get the keys two stories below then going back up, getting the assignments in the room then going to the bus area by myself. Apparently two nosey joking prefects that I know spotted me and halted me, asking me what the papers were. I said noooooothing and shook them off, just in time for my teacher to spot me. She scolded me cuz’ I didn’t join the school queue and didn’t give any notice. She threatened that she would make me pay on Friday. I gulped.

Then on Friday it was doomsday. Actually all I had to do was choose the correct TRUE excuse words and I slipped pass without any punishments! Then somebody spotted blue ball pen ink on the butt part of my school uniform. I was soooooo embarassed. So the whole day afterwards I constantly pulled down my school shirt.

Blake Jetboy.


There really are nerds out there who just play an online game and sometimes making excuses not to go to school just to play.

The reason why I haven’t been on so long is because…

8 10 2008

…I got a lot of Chinese work. Cantonese to be precise. So I play Runescape again(groanings from audience) but not enough to neglect this. I never will. I know some people who go addict and quit their social life. I mean for heaven sake. There’s this guy on our school bus who gives out fortune cards. I got the one where it said I was a boy and a girl in one body. Of course I’m not like that.

I’m still killing myself(not really) while thinking of a plot for this site. I mean you guys don’t want Runescape, I’ve grown out of Club Penguin… HEY THERES THIS GUY ON WORDPRESS HAVING A CP BLOG MAKING THE HAWT POST! Also, I can’t give picture of me and my classmates.

Ways on how to commit suicide:

1) Go on pills/drugs

2) Stab yourself

3)  Jump of a cliff

4) Suffocate yourself in water/pillow

5) Sing “Jingle Bells” in front of a gangster in a dark alley

NOTE: Do not try this at home kids! Thank you for your cooperation.

A Teacher to Remember

24 09 2008


She much more awsome than the old one. Let me give an example.

It’s E lesson and the whole class is suppose to read out the chapter. We read it out, softly. Our teacher interupts quitely “There are twenty six of you in my class. If you continue to be that soft,(goes even softer) I will read out the dictation so quietly (starts to whisper) that you cannot hear what I’m saying.”

Everybody gives a silent chuckle

“WELL WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR READ THE CHAPTER” Our teacher booms. Totally awsome.  TOday in Hong Kong there’s a typhoon signal so we don’t need to go to school. I think if we went there it would be better… having fun abusing my bus prefect status, talking with friends, hide secrets from teacher, plant something in the toilet etc.

Still I can’t think of what to post on the pic page. PLEASE COME TO MY SITE AND TELL ME PLEZ


Chocolate is made from cocoa beans. Everybody should know that.

Not a clue

21 09 2008

So maybe pictures can’t be my speciality if I have no subject. So now I’m wondering what should my subject be about? I can’t just keep editing faces to make them funny looking… so either I get a plot for my site or you guys suggest to me something funny.

My current unofficial role as school bus prefect is getting quite pissy, I’m currently trying to get fired by swearing on the bus. (surprising?)

I was always thinking what the plot for this site was. Something not like an online game? I can’t be a news reporter, and I don’t want a fan club for a certain book. It’s currently about my daily life, but I’m afraid I can’t give pictures for that.

So I’m still thinking.


In China, almost all milk powder contain the illegal chemical, melamine. Good thing we take the real stuff, none of that milk powder. And by we I mean my family. Yeah the melamine thing is making headlines. And also, WHY THE *BEEP* IS NO ONE COMING HERE?!!?!?!??!??!?!

Our School’s Fake Bus Prefect

18 09 2008

That would be me. This is just very ridiculous. The teacher on our bus said I was the tallest there and said I can look at what everybody is doing. So what the hell. I just said ‘Whatever’ in a polite way to the teacher in Cantonese, then boom, I’m a bus prefect without the discipline teacher knowing.

I just don’t get it. Why would a teacher choose me to be a bus prefect? Ah geez. Fine. What I do is I go with the flow, tell the official prefect all the little midget devils that I’ve spotted with my little eyes on the bus, and just continue life ignoring that fact.

Oh yeah and I’m conducting this survey (Immature? all 11 years are, just gaining my youth back) about if the students like the new deputy’s crappy handbook? For more information check the Projects page on the SCHOOL SURVEY category, number one.

Oh yeah and to everybody playing Club Penguin, I’ve found a way to tip the iceberg. You tip it that’s how.


Want me to give my un-official email? Y’know, not my personal one. I’ll add it to the Profile page if you agree.