Getting Started

25 08 2008

Alright, so I’ve got the basics, written down all the information in each page… but no pictures or videos yet. I’m working on it, but for now, I’ll just tell you what happened last fortnight.

My dad sent me to an non-profit organization called ***ward *****. I’ve sensored for security reasons(just in case….).

It’s just like going camping… I’ve tried some camps before… and it was dull… becasue you’re classmates, you know each other and the camps were like those millitary ones.

This one was an exception.

on the first day, Lorenzo(me, I finally reveal my first name!), Jonathan ‘monkey boy’ , Jessie, Michael, blah blah blah(you don’t need to know) were introduced to each other. First all of us were nervous because we didn’t know each other, then the instrutor Adilah told us to introduce each other.

Almost all of them had a good sense of English,quite good for Hong Kong standards.

So these 5 days we laughed alot and got to know each other.

Alright the profiles:

Lorenzo(me) was the clown of the team.Jonathan

‘Monkey boy’ was the monkey obviously. Hyperactive when awake, but hybernating when asleep.

Ken is another clown, a local,  but still with good english.

Michael is yet another clowner(I’m lucky) especially at the end he was crazy.

You thought lady’s first eh? Well think again!

Then there’s Rex. What name is that? He’s the worlds’ most immature 11 year old.

(pointless? not really, I got their emails and just wanted to explain the beginning)

And also Jeremy. Hotheaded, in the end appologized, well he is caring though…

Girl time.

Jessie thinks everything is cute(besides humans of course).

Sonia is the negative one.(didnt get email)

2 stephanies, both organized.

Meissa, angry with boys always(didnt get email)

Natalyn.. there’s a big history over here.

Once upon a time another group of campers shared our dormitory, along with Jessie’s older devil brother. One of then(not the brother) had a crush with somebody and wanted to get her MSN. Wtf. So he asked if anybody’s gonna send his request up to the girl dorm. Monkey Boy accepted for some reason. He want up the stairs… I came after him to get him down. TOO LATE. All the girls snatched it… the crush gave the boy the reply(w00t) and Natalyn took a picture of Monkey boy grabbing Matchy’s(weird name… its the boy) piece of paper and me trying to get Monkey boy the hell out of there. Said would post it on youtube(holy shhhh) but in the end she accidently deleted it. YAY.

I got her email for some reason in the end anyways.

And the whole group after the camp sent each other tons of emails and lived happily ever after to be old and miserable… oh wait, I’m still 11.

And now I’m emailing Jessie’s devil brother Mike advice on if I have entered puberty yet. Haven’t got the reply, but I’ll tell you soon enough.


Pineapple is good.




4 responses

25 08 2008
Blake Jetboy

Not the devil now… Mike says it’s naturally, no need to be afraid blah blah.

No offence of course.

1 09 2008

WHOS Mike>?

2 09 2008
Blake Jetboy

Well, it aint you. The older brother… of Jessie. But now he went to boarding school! well darn it. At least I’m gonna ask everybody’s phone numbers soon…

3 09 2008

OK good

Don’t Forget! (If I get one more view today, I will get more hits than I did any other day of this and last month!)

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