The brilliant idea

14 09 2008

At home in hong kong, the flats aren’t big so our computer was sooo near the TV, that it sometimes disturbs other people from watching. So he got a computer table in our dining room and that’s where the main computer is. But they replaced the main with a laptop here right now because the main doesn’t work. What the heck.

I’ve just thought about the new story, it will be a little bit based on the “big bang experiment” in America, so you’ll have to wait a while for it. Also I’m sorry for not posting for a week. I got tons of division of decimals that are sooo easy, but there was a lot of them. Who said power in numbers usually get defeated?

Oh yeah and it’s Mid Autumn fest in HK so I’m eating a lot of mooncakes… in case the country of stars and Stripes have them too, AVOID THE EGGS! THEY GIVE DIARRHEA!

I’ll try to get my first pictures soon enough, also thanks RedX for coming to my site more often.


I got a school motto based on the “Our Father”. It’s not really too racist or anti-religious, take it as a joke:

Do not lead us into detention, but deliver us from the English teachers, amen.

I don’t really mean it, but you gotta admit it’s quite good.




6 responses

15 09 2008

hmmm… this is how all of the posts are goimg to be

16 09 2008
Blake Jetboy

what’s so interesting bout’ them?

18 09 2008

:O famous people mention me in their posts!! 😀 It’s like I’m famous too!!

18 09 2008
Blake Jetboy

Ahh… I’m not famous. People with blogs that are eleven years old don’t usually go into the celebrity list.

3 10 2008

but ur awesome!!!

8 10 2008
Blake Jetboy

aw shucks. How am I awsome?

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