Our School’s Fake Bus Prefect

18 09 2008

That would be me. This is just very ridiculous. The teacher on our bus said I was the tallest there and said I can look at what everybody is doing. So what the hell. I just said ‘Whatever’ in a polite way to the teacher in Cantonese, then boom, I’m a bus prefect without the discipline teacher knowing.

I just don’t get it. Why would a teacher choose me to be a bus prefect? Ah geez. Fine. What I do is I go with the flow, tell the official prefect all the little midget devils that I’ve spotted with my little eyes on the bus, and just continue life ignoring that fact.

Oh yeah and I’m conducting this survey (Immature? all 11 years are, just gaining my youth back) about if the students like the new deputy’s crappy handbook? For more information check the Projects page on the SCHOOL SURVEY category, number one.

Oh yeah and to everybody playing Club Penguin, I’ve found a way to tip the iceberg. You tip it that’s how.


Want me to give my un-official email? Y’know, not my personal one. I’ll add it to the Profile page if you agree.




7 responses

3 10 2008

sorry im having internet issues (yes i broke ANOTHER computer lol)

8 10 2008

ohhhhhhhhhh i seee now its all clear to me lol 😆

8 10 2008
Blake Jetboy

what is?

8 10 2008

the tipping the ice burg thing COOL UR STILL ON THE SITE!! ITS LIKE 6:28 am HERE

8 10 2008


9 10 2008

i think ur gone now though

10 10 2008
Blake Jetboy

yeah I think im back now though. BUt to your question: I am gone right now.

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