Not a clue

21 09 2008

So maybe pictures can’t be my speciality if I have no subject. So now I’m wondering what should my subject be about? I can’t just keep editing faces to make them funny looking… so either I get a plot for my site or you guys suggest to me something funny.

My current unofficial role as school bus prefect is getting quite pissy, I’m currently trying to get fired by swearing on the bus. (surprising?)

I was always thinking what the plot for this site was. Something not like an online game? I can’t be a news reporter, and I don’t want a fan club for a certain book. It’s currently about my daily life, but I’m afraid I can’t give pictures for that.

So I’m still thinking.


In China, almost all milk powder contain the illegal chemical, melamine. Good thing we take the real stuff, none of that milk powder. And by we I mean my family. Yeah the melamine thing is making headlines. And also, WHY THE *BEEP* IS NO ONE COMING HERE?!!?!?!??!??!?!




One response

8 10 2008

hmmm the guy with limited internet is the only one who likes to come here…

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