The reason why I haven’t been on so long is because…

8 10 2008

…I got a lot of Chinese work. Cantonese to be precise. So I play Runescape again(groanings from audience) but not enough to neglect this. I never will. I know some people who go addict and quit their social life. I mean for heaven sake. There’s this guy on our school bus who gives out fortune cards. I got the one where it said I was a boy and a girl in one body. Of course I’m not like that.

I’m still killing myself(not really) while thinking of a plot for this site. I mean you guys don’t want Runescape, I’ve grown out of Club Penguin… HEY THERES THIS GUY ON WORDPRESS HAVING A CP BLOG MAKING THE HAWT POST! Also, I can’t give picture of me and my classmates.

Ways on how to commit suicide:

1) Go on pills/drugs

2) Stab yourself

3)  Jump of a cliff

4) Suffocate yourself in water/pillow

5) Sing “Jingle Bells” in front of a gangster in a dark alley

NOTE: Do not try this at home kids! Thank you for your cooperation.




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8 10 2008


9 10 2008

😆 thats funny. Im ADDICTED TO BLOGGING!! I CANT GIVE IT UP!!! IF I DONT POST FOR 2 OR 3 DAYZ, I WANNA RIP OUT MY HAIR!!! I TRIED TO QUIT, BUT IT’LL PROBABLY WILL NEVER HAPPEN! im probably gonna turn into one of those people who give up their social life to blog 🙂 cuz that just teh way i am

10 10 2008
Blake Jetboy

Social lifes are better. trust me. evenan 11 year old knows that. Cuz social lifes well is YOUR LIFE. Bloggin isn’t your life, its a computer. But still u meet ppl from different locations.

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