10 10 2008

That’s Thursday and Friday boys and girls. On Thursday there’s pressure, then on Friday, embarassment.

Alright so on Thursday I rushed to finish my punishment, copying down a Cantonese chapter two times. But I can’t because apparently the E teacher told me that I have to participate in our school’s Musical Gala choir. So I didn’t have enough time. Homework piling up, me tumbling down an imaginary hill named “The Calmness Hill”. Then while singing(which I suck at, and was expected to sing in French) I’ve noticed that I forgot to bring me and my classmates’ Cantonese dictation, as I’m un-offical monitor  for that lesson. So when the class was dismissed, I sneakingly squeezed passed the “class queue” and went to the Cantonese classroom. Locked. So I went to get the keys two stories below then going back up, getting the assignments in the room then going to the bus area by myself. Apparently two nosey joking prefects that I know spotted me and halted me, asking me what the papers were. I said noooooothing and shook them off, just in time for my teacher to spot me. She scolded me cuz’ I didn’t join the school queue and didn’t give any notice. She threatened that she would make me pay on Friday. I gulped.

Then on Friday it was doomsday. Actually all I had to do was choose the correct TRUE excuse words and I slipped pass without any punishments! Then somebody spotted blue ball pen ink on the butt part of my school uniform. I was soooooo embarassed. So the whole day afterwards I constantly pulled down my school shirt.

Blake Jetboy.


There really are nerds out there who just play an online game and sometimes making excuses not to go to school just to play.




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14 10 2008

Not bad I must say.

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