Sigh… quizzes

19 10 2008

The reason I’ve been gone is well, look at the title. I still have a Cantonese test soon so wait till Wednesday for updates. I just did a project at my friend’s on the Chinese milk tainted scandal and the Shenzhou 7 things… very fun, my friend, me and some other people that were the projct members had a chance to bake a Germanese brand chocolate muffins. Too bad not Betty Crockers, I LUV BETTY CROCKERS!!!

So now that story I made… I’ve edited the 8 year old dude into 11, it would resemble more of me, which means much more accurate feelings and whatever.

Nothing too much at school besides quizzes, maybe I came up with new rumours that I’m gonna release at school on Monday? ( It’s about boyfriend girlfriend stuff, I think anybody would fall for it.)


I’ve joined the school’s basketball team as extra cirricular?




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