26 10 2008

Well it’s about time. I was always that hippy type who likes getting organised and acheiving social life in every occasion, so maybe this blog would be about my so called “self development”projects that I’ve made myself.

e.g. make more stories, get some other good on-screen gadgets, widgets or whatever to be more social in the site. Maybe also what I feel on random subjects that I’ll post on the BONUS section on every post. e.g. Chinese DIm Sum or Michael Jackson songs. Maybe even debates on which character is cooler like Lindsay Lohan vs Mario. Or a diary on school life. I’ll try start that subject this post.

I’ll make a good header, more pictures(I finally know what kind), and videos if I have the time. So this means I’ll be busy with homework, Cantonese dictation(which is so freakin easy), social life gainings and a wee bit contributed to renovations on the site. Especially the title. Who here likes the title? I mean seriously, The Jetboy Files?! What was I thinking? Alright so maybe I’ll give you guys a poll on what new title you would want right here:

So today was a friend at school’s 11th Birthday, I mean, he was like, 10 in Grade six till just now? Ah well, I sacrificed 12 HKD to him. It’s not much, you can buy 3 packs of cheap chips with that money.

So maybe I won’t be on your sites for quite a while designing everything, so happy waiting.


I was wondering if anybody over here is disgusted with words like “fat grease” or “duck poo”. Cuz’ it seems like all the Grade ones like saying it in my school. Talk about a decent education. It gives them a positive conclusionary misbehavior in life. Refreshing the mind with… unrefreshing second-hand drinks, if you know what I mean. I acted the same back at their age… under influence of Grde sixers. Now that I’m a Grade six student, I won’t teach them “poop” and”… actually nothing else, I’ll show them the ways of a word that begins with the letter L, LOSER. I mean seriously, the boys are like “haha it’s shit” while the girls are like”talking about the most tipical things a girl would say.  TOO TIPICAL. I’d blast my head of if they would talk more about princesses and Barbie. The barbie theme song is perv. “You can comb my hair, Undress me anywhere, I mean is Barbie prostitute or what? Every nerds'(not me) favourite dream to demolish Grade one girls is replacing their fluffy stuffed ponies to dangerous malificationationpalictinationishpaslicodinmo Trojan horses. You wouldn’t get the joke if you haven’t seen CPMAN’s Stuff 101 section’s blue screen of death. So look there and read the joke again.




22 responses

27 10 2008

Hey wats up Blake Jetboy! I am glad that you are finally going to have a theme. Oh and in the past few months I visited your blog.

27 10 2008
Blake Jetboy

thanks for the news, not meant to be rude or anything but, next time you visit can u b more obvious by commenting?

1 11 2008

ha my mom hasnt let me on but im back now

14 11 2008

Guess what Blake Jetboy?!- I’m stealing your theme! Oh and by the way the word is actually yugotacecallationfarmocation adjellahfation miscaculation. -Nice try though.
HeHE 8) Bogabo(!)

25 11 2008

Oh my it’s Getting Things Straight! But guess what-Blake Jetboy I didn’t make the blue screen of death. My friend Cultred gave the picture to me from Spaceman who made the screen using his blue screen of death generator. I gave credit to cultred and spaceman in one commment on Stuff101v3.
-cpman 8)

25 11 2008

Don’t try to steal my idea Bogabo!
-cpman 8)

30 11 2008

please come to my site and do my poll

p.s. ive got a lot more posts now

7 12 2008

You should see my CP site!

8 12 2008

If only we had a link to it… D-U-H!!! (Sorry)

11 12 2008


23 12 2008

well i stopped coming because all of a sudden he stopped posting. hes an author on my blog. lots of authors!!!

27 12 2008

Dude it’s been 2 months!!!! Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28 12 2008

I agree. Well, he’s gotta show up sometime next year at least.

I have an idea! http://bogabo.wordpress.com
8) Bogabo

9 01 2009

Yea your right! lets go there instead of here!

24 01 2009

I have a better idea go to my site and then Bogabo’s.
-cpman 8)

13 04 2009

I miss Blake Jetboy :(( WHERE ARE YOUUUUUU?!?!??!?!??!?!??!?!

20 04 2009

COME BACKETH BLAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 07 2009

U mean lorenzo

18 08 2009

idk!!! but he needs to come back!!!

2 12 2011

he wont come back

14 07 2012

he has to say a proper goodbye

4 11 2014

Hey man. It’s been a while since I checked to see if you came back. Well you didn’t come back, but I’ll leave this comment here anyways. I am in college now and I always keep my blog in the back of my mind, so I never forget. Maybe I’ll start posting again…

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