Ask Jetboy

Need advice?

Jetboy can help!

Not very tacky or creative, but that’s a start.

There are somethings I can’t help thought, here they are:

1. Love

2. Obama vs Mcain

3. Technical problems

4. Homework(wtf)

5. Your Grand Theft Auto or whatever computer, Wii, PS whatever, NDS, Gameboy, Television games.

6. anything else that is unnapropriate.

16 responses

4 09 2008

Are you going to do anything for the 6000 hits?

4 09 2008
Blake Jetboy

Hmm.. I’ll try to release some new pictures.. and start getting videos…

5 09 2008


6 09 2008
Blake Jetboy

but it’ll take a while.

13 09 2008

vote obama!!! lol

3 10 2008

i agree redx125- oh and im back from my big break

8 10 2008
Blake Jetboy

welcome back… to hell. nah not really, but I do have wuizes coming soon so well

8 10 2008
Blake Jetboy

quizes i mean

11 11 2008

Why thank you for the welcome. Anyway-

13 04 2009

Where can I find the one called Blake Jetboy? Is he to be presumed dead?

24 04 2009

That certainly is a possibility- I mean really… He would say something like “I’M RETIRING FROM BLOGGIN” or something. He could have gotten ran over… how’s the traffic in Hong Kong?

5 06 2009
Professor V68

I am BOGABO but changed my name to PROFESSOR V68 so don’t be fooled!

9 07 2009

His parents wouldn’t say anything though???? Waaaaah this will bother me forever!!!!!!! He might be dead! or not…But he might be dead! but…JUST COME BACK AND SAY SOMETHING ANYBODY! We should stalk him like with the Internet predators! Let’s see…He’s 11, His name is probably Blake, and he lives in Hong Kong! ugh this is going to be hard!

19 08 2009
Professor V68

Message to Blake Jetboy: I deleted my blog! And then I made a new one 9 days later! Click on my name to see it! (Not your blogroll)

28 01 2011

Blake Jetboy where are you?!

17 06 2013

Hey I came by to check if you checked your blog in such a long time. I update my site only like twice a year nowadays.

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