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The Feared Creation

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NOTE BEFORE STORY: I had to give you the silly advert below the title because they got a copyright, disobeying it would mean me in deep doo doo. The prolouge is ultra boring, but after that the story is the I, me, my style so there will be a lead character with a decent attitude.


  The Big Bang Experiment was a major success. Humanity discovered how the universe was made, while bumping into extra information during the process, discovering what they call the “Atomical Scope”, determining the speed of the neutron, and the location of the partical at the same time.

  The knowledgable director brothers of CERN have also each created their own particle/atom for the “greater good”. They realised that the world now was behind its supposed-to-be technology, so the Sollutious brothers had to do something about it.

  Materials were easily made when they discovered the art of atom-building. All you needed was to split the atom without making it explode, made easy by some good scientists with complicated methods, then you multiply it in any CERN base. 13 bases were created so far, one in the Artic, another Antartic, then Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, India, New Zealand, Satalite Alpha, Asteroid Fremennik, our Moon(Gravity City), Comet Cosmo, Human Space Port and most importantly, Switzerland, where everything all started.

  Aaron Sollutious, the oldest of the four, made the most favouritable indestructable material for the millitary. It was a combination of precious metals, Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene(the material of Beijing Olympic’s Water Cube) and transparent hardplastic/hardglass combo, creating what scientists call “Invictus Potestas” as in “Invincible Power”, but nicknamed The Invincible Particle in chemist terms, or Cheat Armour in millitary slang.

  Brendon Sollutious comes up with medical service in his particular liquid. The virus that is supposed to be weakened and vaccinated includes brain cancer, leprosy, skin cancer, fever, other highly contaminating diseases and most importantly, AIDS. Sicarius Occisor means a Murderer Slayer, as in a policeman killing the criminals.

  Cedric Sollutious needed to solve the crisis of Global Warming, giving us an incredible natural combination of particles, unlike the other three, forming Vireo Felicitas, meaning Green Happiness. It repairs the ozone layer, 1cm square of it can accumulate 1 metre square of polluted air, then put into a cube box that you can simply throw in the paper waste recycle bin. It can also clean polluted water if inserted into the correct machines.

  And finally, the youngest Diego Sollutious made the most incredible substance ever. The Living Atom. A particle that was mixed with golden eagle, baracuda and ferret genes, plus some moving mechanisms, making an atom that is as big as a nail, but as active as a youth on drugs. But as every particle needs a Latin name, he came up with Pusillus Aetas, Tiny Life.

  And over the years the Digital Age because into the Green Age, then into the what the billboards claim the “Future”.

  Movies effects became into real life. Example: Flying cars and building height records up to a thousand floors. Gravity pull-free asteroids with human life in them, but still, no aliens that everybody still wonders about.

  By 2024, elementary schools started learning quantum theory, calculus and engineering. All thanks to a person’s brain developing over the 15,000 short years of human existance. And of course enormous tests like the “Big Bang Experiment”. When you reached 14, you were no longer a minor and started to work. But the marriage ages were still the same.

NOTE BEFORE CHAPTER 1:These were explained because they would be very useful for the story.

Chapter 1.

  My name is Flynt. Adrian Flynt. I’m eleven, and live in this polluted ball of blue called ”Earth”.  (im still fiking so dats where it ends so far)


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