Everything here looks cool am I right? Yes, they are cool(and so am I) .

this page is about me(Lorenzo) and this site.

Now the site is basically my day to day events… from English teachers to thickheaded classmates. Not everything is about school thought that’s one thing for sure. Thought a big part of it sure is. I also got other pages here that shows gruesome stories or funny videos.(this is not an AFV fansite)(AFV sucks they keep chosing the babies as winners)

I was thinking of the subject of this blog, but I can’t think of anything. Oh well.

Now I’m Blake Jetboy. Real name is Lorenzo, a spanish name. But I’m a philipino stuck in Hong Kong. I’m very glad the Olympics are over, it was partially driving me nuts. Although I did  like the competition. I’m 11 and give everybody a bit of sarcasm every now and then.

Before this site was a fan page of some game called Club Penguin.

Eventually, I grew out of it, into Runescape and out again. So basically I just read books, play chess, joke around my emails with my fellow campers that I met summer 2008, argue with my little brother, play piano and do some exercise blah blah blah.


Sorry, it was my sarcasms’ fault.

What I plan now is that I would finally get a subject for my site so those people who are interested into it would come here.

b4 u wer soo imachur… Y now ur so gd wt ur vcblry?

Well, I read books and give special thank to Eion(pronounced Owen) Colfer, author of Artemis Fowl, giving me this burst of volcabulary, a good way of expressing it and for making such a cool book.


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