The New Page

17 09 2008

Now I’ve got a new page called ‘Projects’. It’s suppose to tell you my goals at school, home and on the web. That’s brief enough. For more information call 911 or click the ‘Project’ page.


I’m gonna post the pictures this Saturday. Friday in your guys case. Late Friday. When you’re asleep. So don’t be a nerd and wake up god knows when and wait for them. Also videos.


The brilliant idea

14 09 2008

At home in hong kong, the flats aren’t big so our computer was sooo near the TV, that it sometimes disturbs other people from watching. So he got a computer table in our dining room and that’s where the main computer is. But they replaced the main with a laptop here right now because the main doesn’t work. What the heck.

I’ve just thought about the new story, it will be a little bit based on the “big bang experiment” in America, so you’ll have to wait a while for it. Also I’m sorry for not posting for a week. I got tons of division of decimals that are sooo easy, but there was a lot of them. Who said power in numbers usually get defeated?

Oh yeah and it’s Mid Autumn fest in HK so I’m eating a lot of mooncakes… in case the country of stars and Stripes have them too, AVOID THE EGGS! THEY GIVE DIARRHEA!

I’ll try to get my first pictures soon enough, also thanks RedX for coming to my site more often.


I got a school motto based on the “Our Father”. It’s not really too racist or anti-religious, take it as a joke:

Do not lead us into detention, but deliver us from the English teachers, amen.

I don’t really mean it, but you gotta admit it’s quite good.

Not the best kick start to school..

6 09 2008

Yeah well on September 2nd I started school. It was still the same teacher so well, she was prejudice as maybe(stress on maybe) she thinks everybody hasn’t changed.

I’ve had a BIG psychologically makeover since the camp. No more gender sensitivity, better humour, a very convincing ‘shush’, that makes people instantly shut up, a better respect for authourities, and well, not talking about unessesary things.

So, I was still forgetful, I missed a few pieces of homework, got scolded at for a few things, swore like hell on the first day(and shutted completely up on the second), trying to get into my mature grade 6 self(as all grade 6 guys don’t do anything immature much anymore) and most of all, emailing the guys at the camp. So well, not too much relationships deepened… except for that Jessie is the only one who replies…(groans) but I’ve ask a few others for their telephone numbers, in case they can’t access the computer even on weekends.

Since my site has just reached 6K(K=a thousand) hits, I’ll bring in some pictures and videos. And you get to vote on the story you want. It’ll be sci fi.

1. Zombies

2. Heroes

3. Experiments gone wild

4. The future. CANCELED. Future stories are one of the hardest stories to make.

5. Some scientist saving the world or something like that

6. Anti-hero story.

PS these aren’t the titles of the stories.

PSS I can show my unofficial email… I’ve made another besides my own for blog purposes.

Our New Principal

26 08 2008

Ok you see last year in Grade 5 we had a new principal.

She liked everything fancy, beautiful and that kind of stuff.

She set up a lot of interviews with people from various companies, some which were dull, others imformative but in an unaccurate way, and I still remember that interview about smoking that took away one of my favourite subjects forgot which.

She screwed up some of our schools traditions, in a fancy-ish way.

This is what I think of all that:

  Ugly, but accurate.(the picture)

And along with the force of the E Teacher(english), it was Doomsyear last year, as long as the E doesn’t continue in my class, and another very nice and common sensified teacher, everything would be cool even with the new P.

But no school till 2nd Sept… although it’s not a long way of to next school term, I can’t imagine how the (stress on ‘the’) E would screw up my marks.(If he is still my E teacher of course)


I can’t decide what sci-fi to make. Why don’t you choose?

1. Zombie Invasion

2. Alien Abduction

3. Superhero

4. Experiment gone wild

5. Cyborgs taking over

6. Space

Getting Started

25 08 2008

Alright, so I’ve got the basics, written down all the information in each page… but no pictures or videos yet. I’m working on it, but for now, I’ll just tell you what happened last fortnight.

My dad sent me to an non-profit organization called ***ward *****. I’ve sensored for security reasons(just in case….).

It’s just like going camping… I’ve tried some camps before… and it was dull… becasue you’re classmates, you know each other and the camps were like those millitary ones.

This one was an exception.

on the first day, Lorenzo(me, I finally reveal my first name!), Jonathan ‘monkey boy’ , Jessie, Michael, blah blah blah(you don’t need to know) were introduced to each other. First all of us were nervous because we didn’t know each other, then the instrutor Adilah told us to introduce each other.

Almost all of them had a good sense of English,quite good for Hong Kong standards.

So these 5 days we laughed alot and got to know each other.

Alright the profiles:

Lorenzo(me) was the clown of the team.Jonathan

‘Monkey boy’ was the monkey obviously. Hyperactive when awake, but hybernating when asleep.

Ken is another clown, a local,  but still with good english.

Michael is yet another clowner(I’m lucky) especially at the end he was crazy.

You thought lady’s first eh? Well think again!

Then there’s Rex. What name is that? He’s the worlds’ most immature 11 year old.

(pointless? not really, I got their emails and just wanted to explain the beginning)

And also Jeremy. Hotheaded, in the end appologized, well he is caring though…

Girl time.

Jessie thinks everything is cute(besides humans of course).

Sonia is the negative one.(didnt get email)

2 stephanies, both organized.

Meissa, angry with boys always(didnt get email)

Natalyn.. there’s a big history over here.

Once upon a time another group of campers shared our dormitory, along with Jessie’s older devil brother. One of then(not the brother) had a crush with somebody and wanted to get her MSN. Wtf. So he asked if anybody’s gonna send his request up to the girl dorm. Monkey Boy accepted for some reason. He want up the stairs… I came after him to get him down. TOO LATE. All the girls snatched it… the crush gave the boy the reply(w00t) and Natalyn took a picture of Monkey boy grabbing Matchy’s(weird name… its the boy) piece of paper and me trying to get Monkey boy the hell out of there. Said would post it on youtube(holy shhhh) but in the end she accidently deleted it. YAY.

I got her email for some reason in the end anyways.

And the whole group after the camp sent each other tons of emails and lived happily ever after to be old and miserable… oh wait, I’m still 11.

And now I’m emailing Jessie’s devil brother Mike advice on if I have entered puberty yet. Haven’t got the reply, but I’ll tell you soon enough.


Pineapple is good.

Website Remake

23 08 2008

Alright so I’ve already done the header, no quite good but still working on the pages…

I will delete some sites from the blogroll and add some… also, I was thinking of how to advertise a site that just tells storys and also my daily life.

Well, then again,

Forget it.

But I will still add bonuses as always


Actually, I don’t know yet.

But can I ask how do you make other people admins?