Over are my projects that I have or I will complete throughtout this site. I’ve categorized them too. Site goals, school surveys(conducted by me or my classmates…unkwown by teachers), home problems(not much on that) and others.

The Site Goals are like how many hits I’ll get or whatever page I’m gonna open

The School Surveys are like anti-deputy principal projects. Our principal is cool, the deputy, screws up everything.

Home Problems are like arguments? But I’ll just leave that blank.

Others are just others…

All right below we start.


1.The Big Bang Experiment Related Sci Fi Story

Goal: After the Big Bang Experiment, I’ll make a story on it.

Progress: Writing a teensy tiny bit on it.

2. The 10,000 Hit Celebration

Goal: Get ten thousand hits and figure out a way to celebrate it.

Process: Thinking and waiting


1. The Handbook Survey

Goal: Due to the new crappy deputy, our handbooks turned into a kindergarden-ish book cover. Completed with a heart see-saw. Now I’ll get a few friends and ask around if everybody at school(including Grade 1s) if they like it. After my survey, I’ll give you a conclusion and plan my next step. Eleven people each grade. Six grades total.

Process: Interviewing… more of just a quick question. I’ve divided the eleven into two obvious groups. Boys and girls. Pencil=boys, Blue pen=girls. Ultra simple.





6 responses

18 09 2008
Blake Jetboy

I know the School Survey thing is quite immature, but aren’t all 11 year olds are?

3 10 2008

I’m turning 144 tomorrow

3 10 2008

nope!(why the extra are?)

3 10 2008

idk why ppl dont come here? like i said ur awesome!!

8 10 2008
Blake Jetboy

i dont rly fink so..sorry for being abscent

4 12 2008

I turned 146 today

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